McDonald’s Canada: Chocolate Nanaimo Bar McFlurry

Diana Chan May 16, 2019 Fast Food

McDonald’s Canada is back with their ‘Great Canadian Tastes’ Menu featuring Fish & Chips and Chocolate Nanaimo McFlurry inspired by Canadian flavours from coast to coast.

The Chocolate Nanaimo McFlurry represents the West Coast. It is inspired by the Nanaimo bar with coconut graham crackers, chocolate chips and cocoa swirled into vanilla soft serve and blended with fudge.

The coconut graham crackers and fudge adds a nice texture to the McFlurry base of Vanilla ice cream. It does have a subtle sweet coconut flavour. The McFlurry overall is pretty sweet and I’m not a big fan of this version. I much prefer the Oreo.

The Chocolate Nanaimo Bar McFlurry is only available until June 17th, 2019, so catch it before it’s gone.


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