McDonalds Canada: Asian Crispy Shrimp McWrap

Diana Chan August 5, 2014 British Columbia


The Asian Crispy Shrimp McWrap has recently landed in McDonalds Canada. M was grabbing a quick dinner at McDonalds and I saw this item on their menu, so I decided to order it.

The wrap has crispy shrimp topped with sweet and spicy Thai sauce, Asian salad mix, grilled vegetables and garlic mayonnaise-style sauce, wrapped up in a warm whole wheat soft-shell tortilla.


When I opened the container up, the wrap didn’t seem impressive at all. The shrimp sits on top and all the salad is at the bottom and it seems pretty mushy and not too fresh. You can barely see any vegetables in my wrap, but its all hidden on the bottom. Probably just a poorly put together wrap.

When I first took a few bites, it didn’t taste good. The shrimp was pretty bland and the veggies just didn’t match with its slimy texture.

I would not order this again.


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  1. whosfaultisthat November 9, 2014 at 4:17 pm

    it’s fucking mcdonalds. wtf do you expect?

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