McDonalds Canada: Aussie BBQ & Egg Burger Review

Diana Chan July 17, 2018 British Columbia, Fast Food

The last item to launch on the McDonalds World Taste Tour menu has arrived and it is the Aussie BBQ & Egg Burger. It’s pretty awesome and it’s available now till July 29th.

Aussie BBQ & Egg Burger

This is only available in the afternoon and not a breakfast item despite the inclusion of an egg. So you will have to come here at 11am and after. This is made with a beef patty, egg, crispy beet chips, cheese, lettuce, and BBQ sauce in a brioche style bun.

They’ve never had an egg added to a burger and it’s great they finally did that. The addition of the beef chips added a good texture too with a crunch. I wished there was a it more BBQ sauce.

With the added egg, its easy to get very full from this burger. I could barely finish my fries this time.

This was definitely one of my favourites of all the items they launched for the World Taste Tour.

Don’t forget, this isn’t the only new International inspired menu at McDonalds over the month as they take customers on a World Taste Tour.


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  1. Chris J Macdonell July 26, 2018 at 7:38 pm

    The Aussie bbq & egg burger was the best I have tried in a long time. It should stay on the menu.

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