Mc Donalds Monopoly Challenge: Failing to Beat the Odds

Diana Chan October 20, 2010 Fast Food, Food for Thought

What happens when you bring 3 asian women to Mc Donalds when the Monopoly promotions is on? We like to beat the odds of anything. We tried to get 6 stamps to see if we would win anything.

In most Mc Donalds Meals, you will get 4 stamps, BUT if you turn the medium fries into large fries, you get a total of 6. This only applies to Big Macs, 10 Piece Chicken Nuggets, and Egg Mc Muffin.

Count them! 14 stamps and ALOT of calories. Technically we had 16 stamps because we had to exchange the Big Mac because it’s was missing a few ingredients. With 16 stamps in total, you would think we would win at least 2 items.

We opened all them up and we only won one small root beer!

After we started sticking all the stamps onto the game board, we almost filled it up but we were always missing that one rare stamp that no one could get. We even looked it up on Craigslist.

Look, it’s an irregular fry! I thought it was cool.

We weren’t disappointed or anything. We thought we would give ourselves a very weird challenge. Perhaps this is a marketing ploy from McDonalds to get their customers to spend more on the certain items that have stamps?

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We spent about a few hours at a meeting for SFU’s Largest Networking event – Marketers Night so we got super hungry and decided to do this.  If you love Canucks, Whitecaps, Mountain Equipment Coop and Endeavor Snowboards…come out to this event to meet the brains behind their marketing strategies!

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  1. Felix November 20, 2012 at 1:31 pm

    This year the stamps were also on the angus and the hashbrowns.

    • DesignGirl November 26, 2012 at 10:19 am

      I got the hashbrowns! I was so suprised it was on there!

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