Masita Korean Restaurant in Burnaby: Review

Diana Chan April 10, 2019 Burnaby Central, Korean

Masita Korean Restaurant on Kingsway in Burnaby is serving up traditional Korean cuisine in this space. Masita translates to ‘yummy’ in Korean. They have been around for a few years but I haven’t made a visit until now for lunch. I heard they have good lunch sets that are very affordable.

There are a few parking stall out front, but can get all full during peak lunch and dinner times.


There are lots of tables for small to large groups. It’s very family friendly during the day and can get more rowdy at night. I was lugging around my daughter in her infant car seat and they were kind enough to seat us at a booth where she could rest peacefully as we ate.


Complimentary Banchan

Banchan are Korean side dishes that come complimentary with a meal. It’s kind of expected from Korean restaurant to provide these free of charge.

We got marinated potatoes, seaweed and kimchi. They tasted very homemade, so that was delicious.

BBQ Combo

This combo comes with Beef BBQ, rice, and your choice of beef or seafood hot pot. It is available for a limited time and is only available until 3pm.

For $15, you do get quite a bit of food and it’s great for someone that is very hungry. You get the most value out of this combo. The beef BBQ was tender and full of flavour. The hot pot has a nice kick of spice and a decent amount of seafood inside.

Gamja-Tang Hot Pot Meal

This has boiling hot pork back bone soup and a bowl of rice. You can order this non-spicy upon request. I got it with spice and it wasn’t too spicy at all. A good amount to really enhance the flavours. The pork bones were full of meat and tender. I really liked it.

Masita Fried Chicken

This are bits of deep-fried chicken with a sweet chili sauce on the side. The taste was ok and I was expecting pieces of drumsticks and thighs but it was more like boneless chicken pieces deep-fried in a panko-like crust.

Final Thoughts

Their lunch combos are definitely worth it and I would come back again for it because you get quite a bit of food.

6516 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC

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