Manzo: Japanese Izakaya in Richmond

Diana Chan November 24, 2014 Izakaya, Japanese, Late Night, Richmond, Three Beakers


Manzo Japanese Restaurant is located on Alexandra Road in Richmond. We came here for some more drinks and smaller dishes to pick at, so an Izakaya was the perfect idea. They have been around for over a decade and they also have another restaurant on Capstain Way.


It is dim inside and has a lot of cool items on all the walls like lanterns, pictures and signs. Service was ok, but they couldn’t answer a few questions about the alcohol on the menu as they didn’t know the size of a small or large sake.


750ml Bottle of Gekkeikan was about $29. Price was a bit high since you know you can buy this for really cheap at the alcohol store. Of course the prices would be much higher in a restaurant. The bottle lasted us a while, so it wasn’t too bad.


Edamame ($2.50) was on special.


Mentaiko Agedashi Tofu was a delicious item! The salty topping with the mentiko mixture was salty, but it blended nicely with the agedashi tofu, which was bit more bland.


Kawahagi is a file fish. It is thin an crispy kinda like dried cuttlefish found in grocery stores.


Deep Fried Baby Octopus was delicious. Anything deep-fried is an addiction.


Grilled Beef Tongue Skewers were really yummy. Perfectly cooked, tender and had great flavour.

Some items are quite pricey like sashimi. Their Izakaya items are ok, but there’s nothing very special about what they offer.

We Rate Manzo

8391 Alexandra Rd
Richmond, BC

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