Manna Sushi: New Sushi Restaurant near Olympic Village


Working near Science World means very limited food choices. There are some great choices near the Olympic Village, but my coworkers and I have been to all of them. When we heard Manna Sushi opened on 2nd and Ontario Street, we just had to check it out. I’ve seen so many of my coworkers flocking to Manna Sushi for lunch. With the abundance of Japanese restaurants in town, I wanted to see how this really compared. Mags and I look our lunch break here in search of some good food.


The interior had lots of seating with very simple decor.


Chicken Teriyaki Bento ($9.95) is only for dine-in customers only. I chose this item because it was more affordable that some of the items on the menu. It was either this or one roll of specialty sushi. Of course I chose this. It has a few pieces of tempura, chicken teriyaki over rice, a salad, California roll, 2 deep fried gyozas and a miso soup. The bento box was average and nothing special.

Mags got the Pork Katsu Don ($9.95), which I forgot to take a picture of because it took so long to arrive. Other people got their orders before she did. It turns out, they thought she wanted it for takeout…which was weird because she would be watching me eat. I really wish I took a photo of the don because it look super disappointing. The katsu was heavily breaded, so there was really thin pork inside. She felt cheated because she really wasn’t getting her moneys worth. It’s a fairly simple dish too, but the rice was flavourless and didn’t have enough sauce.

Overall, it’s subpar food. Manna Sushi is quite new, so they are probably working out the kinks and looking for feedback. In the meantime, I don’t think I will be coming here anytime soon.

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6 E 2nd Ave
Vancouver BC


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  1. VancouverLP February 28, 2015 at 12:47 am

    I’m sad to say that I went to Manna Sushi tonight (9 months after this review) and their ‘kinks’ seem permanent. Took over an hour to get our entrees and when we complained the waitress told us that if we wanted our food in a “hurry” we should have ordered over the phone when we made our reservation. It’s ridiculous that this place has an attitude about their terrible service, and they can’t get away with that on the back of their mediocre food. If there was any competition in the area they’d be empty overnight. All they have to do to make people happy is serve their food in a timely fashion but the restaurant is so poorly run apparently it hasn’t solved this problem in over a year of activity.

    Hopefully a half decent sushi place pops up as the area develops because Manna is one of the worst restaurant experiences I’ve had in Vancouver.

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