Mangosteen: Finding Exotic Fruit in Hong Kong

Diana Chan September 14, 2012 Food for Thought, Hong Kong

Mangosteen is a tropical fruit found in South East Asia.It is only in season for 6 to 10 weeks of the year. You can usually find really nice ripe ones from July to September.

When I was in Hong Kong in August, it was very hard to find at the supermarket or on the streets. My grandpa knew I was looking very hard for these for a few weeks. One morning, he left early to go to the market and brings back a whole bowl full of mangosteen. They looked very fresh and I was in awe.

We cracked open the leathery tough skin to find the delicious white fruit inside. It kinda tastes like a grape or lychee. At least one of the pieces inside have a seed, so better not eat it. Nothing bad will happen to you, but it’s always weird eating seeds by accident.

It is very hard to get a hold of mangosteen in Vancouver or North America because it doesn’t ship very well. It will definitely be very hard to find any mangosteen that look this fresh and plump. Plus, very expensive.

My sister found a few mangosteen from T&T, but they look horrible and was very tiny. Nothing comparable to anything you can find in Asia. If you ever have a chance to go to the Asian countries, remember to try some of this delicious fruit.

Have you ever had mangosteen before? How did it taste?

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