Main Street Brewing Company: Beer and Snacks

Diana Chan June 26, 2014 Brewery, Mount Pleasant/Main Street, Three Beakers


Main Street Brewing Company is located on 7th and Scotia street, just off Main Street. It’s close to the residential areas and it’s a pretty awesome place to hangout after work. I came with a bunch of my coworkers to just chill after a long week.

There is a tasting room, so you can buy a few pints of beer or even try a tasting flight. You can also purchase growler sized beer too.


The building is of a 1913 Heritage building, so you can see the unique charm of this space.


If you look further on the right side of the tasting lounge, you will see all their equipment used to brew the beer.


When I was here, they had their 3 staple beers – Main Street Pilsner, Seasonal IPA, and the Brown Ale. They also had 3 casks available. It’s a good selection of beer.


They do sell food to munch on. All of them are perfect pairings with beer. Pepperoni sticks! Beef Jerky! Meat and Cheese Plate! Etc.


When you order food, you get a big empty beer bottle, a wooden spoon with a number.


BC pork liver pate board ($12) with fig jam, pickled, and bread. Mags thought it was pretty average, but not the best pate she’s had. 


I ordered the Tasting Flight and asked them to choose the 4 lightest beers for me.

  • Main Street Pilsner
  • Seasonal IPA
  • Brown Ale
  • Belgian Hybrid Ale

My favourite was the Main Street Pilsner. I liked the flight because it was a nice way to try all their beers.


Overall, it was a great place to go to with good beer. We still couldn’t figure out why they had these holes in all the tables.

We Rate Main Street Brewing Company

261 E 7th Ave
Vancouver BC


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  1. The Storyographer July 18, 2014 at 1:04 pm

    Love the room and the beer. Nice to have such an eclectic selection of salty snacks to choose from. Smart marketing on their part…drink more beer!

    Too bad about the pate…though I’ll still have to try it for myself as it’s one of those personal preference things.

    I can answer the hole in the table question though: they’re reserved spots for trees! A friend of mine is part of the ownership group so he gave me the inside scoop after I mentioned my concern at having nearly lost a glass of beer down one of them circular table pits!

    I’m also a big fan of the room – especially the hanging filament bulbs!

    Scott Valentine

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