MagiCream: Nitrogren Ice Cream in Kerrisdale

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MagicCream is the latest addition to the Kerrisdale neighbourhood featuring liquid-nitrogen ice cream with over 40 different flavours.

We were invited to try their ice cream and to see how they differ from the other nitrogen ice cream shops in town.



They use liquid nitrogen instead of dry ice in their ice cream and it is completely safe.

  1. Choose your base
  2. Choose your flavour
  3. Choose toppings
  4. Let the magic begin

Once you choose what you want, its really fun to see them put together your ice cream.


All that smoke goes pouring out when the nitrogen and creates a cloudy magical scene.


Nitrogen Ice Cream


We got to try a variety of flavours and combinations in family size.

  • Chocolate ice-cream with brownie bites and chocolate sauce
  • Caramel popcorn
  • Rootbeer with gummy bears
  • Strawberry with Cheesecake bites
  • Black sesame with coconut and Reese’s cups
  • Coffee with Cookie Dough and Mochi
  • Ovaltine with walnuts
  • Milk tea with pearls and mango jelly
  • Mango sorbet with mango & lychee jelly


All the flavours were well made, smooth with no icy chunks inside. The ice cream didn’t melt too quickly compared to some other places in town. Prices are decent too.


For my personal taste preferences, I didn’t like the very sweet ones with sweet toppings. I can see those would be very fun for kids to eat, but I found that as I got older, I like my snacks less sweet. The downside of getting older.


A few others found root beer to be a pretty unique flavour.


I really liked the Milk Tea Ice Cream with pearls and mango jelly.


Another favourite was the Ovaltine classic with walnuts. They also have a Chinese version of Ovaltine that tastes slightly different, but I went with the classic. I chose the walnuts for texture.

Final Thoughts


Overall, there are a lot of flavours at MagiCream, which is great for groups who have diverse tastes. You can also customize it is any way that you want. They also sell them in 3 different sizes.

I’ll definitely be back for the milk tea and Ovaltine flavours.

We Rate MagiCream:  35rating


2009 W 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC

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