Mad Jack: Hard Root Beer & Ginger Ale Lager

Diana Chan May 9, 2016 product


Mad Jack joins Molson Coors Canada’s line of flavoured malt beverages. It combines the classic tastes of root beer and ginger ale that we know and love with its bold malt flavour.

They also have their Apple Lager, but I didn’t get a chance to taste that.


Premium Ginger Mad Jack is a combination of Ginger Ale and Beer.

It is golden yellow in colour and has medium carbonation. For the first few sips, it has a sweet ginger taste but kinda reminded me of a cooler. It’s good for people who like sweeter drinks that don’t have a hoppy after taste.


Premium Hard Root Beer Mad Jack has a medium carbonation and has an amber colour to it when poured. It has notes of vanilla with cinnamon and sweet caramel. You definitely know it’s a root beer. In a sense, its like a grown up root beer with that 5% alcohol.

This isn’t a drink for all. As a beer lover, I didn’t take a particular liking to either of the drinks. I think this would have a been a drink I would have liked more when I first started drinking, but after my tastebuds got used to drinking beer, I prefer more light effervescent beer.

Mad Jack is good for those who like a sweeter beverage with an alcoholic kick on a Summer’s day.

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