M’s Food Court Corner: Thai Express

Welcome to the first article of many of M’s Food Court Corner. I will be reviewing the different food court restaurants in Vancouver and the tri-city area specifically for young bachelor’s with no money like me! I won’t be going to the same chains in different food courts, but if you find a better than average chain at your favorite food court, be sure to let me know!

The first M’s Food Court Corner restaurant I reviewed is the recently opened Thai Express in Lougheed Mall. I also saw that there is a Thai Express in Surrey and it looks identical! I actually went to this Lougheed chain twice and will recount both times that I ate there.

To start off, Thai Express looks uber classy and modern! I love their brand and the black and green. It definitely is more appealing and attractive than any other Food Court restaurant. I ordered the General Curry with Red Sauce the first time and the Green sauce the second. Anything that starts with General in Thai Curry refers to the deep fried chicken bits that they add to the dish. I have to say General chicken is delicious and fits very well with any of the curries.

They have 3 types of curry sauces to choose from: Red, Yellow, and Green. Red is the spiciest and has a special ingredient – bamboo! Yellow is medium spiciness while Green is the mildest of them all with a special ingredient – eggplant. When I first had Thai Express my Korean side screamed for hellfire, and thus I chose the Red sauce curry ($7.58)  thinking I would becoming a raging fire breathing dragon. Alas, it was not that spicy. So mild in fact, adding sriracha sauce would’ve made it meh.

The green sauce General Curry ($7.58) was actually more flavorful because it wasn’t trying to be spicy. I’m no fan of eggplant, but it worked in the Green sauce curry. The bamboo in the red sauce was bland. Both curry dishes comes with a nice helping of delicious white rice and I had no problem balancing out the rice with the curry.

I didn’t get the spring roll the first time around, but apparently they come together if you “combo” it up with a drink and your selection of entrée. The eggroll did not look good and tasted like a badly made grocery store bought one. It was weird it was put in a paper bag like some bread.

The price was normal for this sort of food from a food court. I recommend getting the Pepsi ($1.88) to balance out the curry.

M’s  Words of Food Court Wisdom:

  • Awesome branding and look. It’s cool to watch the chefs make your curry in a flash of fire in front of you while you wait.
  • I recommend trying it once. It is sort of pricey for Thai, but you pay for the uniqueness.
  • Pass on the Spring Roll.

M’s Food Court Corner Rating: (Not to be compared with Design Girl’s “real” restaurant rating.)

Thai Express Locations:

  • Park Royal
  • Central City
  • Richmond Centre
  • Lougheed Mall
  • Pacific Center

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