Lung Kee Congee Noodles: At the Aberdeen Food Court

Diana Chan February 12, 2013 Chinese, Richmond, Two Beakers

Lung Kee

Lung Kee Congee Noodles is located in the Aberdeen Food Court. I had no idea where or what to eat for dinner, so I walked around and around the food court.

Lung Kee

Looking at the menu, the prices seemed good and I was craving for some beef brisket.

Lung Kee

Beef Tendon + Brisket on Rice with Cold Milk Tea

This box was huge! It was pretty heavy since they packed it full of rice. The quality was OK, but not fantastic. I probably would not order it again. You can find much better beef brisket elsewhere.

We Rate Lung Kee Congee Noodles

4151 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, BC

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