Lululemon x Stanley Park Brewing: Curiosity Lager Review

Diana Chan August 10, 2015 British Columbia, product


Lululemon and Stanley Park Brewing collaborated to create the limited edition Curiosity Lager just in time for the 2015 SeaWheeze Half Marathon and Sunset Festival in Stanley Park. It comes in 500ml cans and 4.6% alcohol.

I’ve never done a half marathon and I’m not likely to start, getting it at the SeaWheeze Half Marathon wasn’t an option. Luckily, beer-drinkers can get this at public and private liquor stores in Alberta and B.C.


There are only 80,000 cans that will be available through the Fall, so who knows, maybe one day it will be a collectors item.


I went to the BC Liquor Store and got this all access pack of 8 Stanley Park beers for $17.

  • 2 x Curiosity Lager
  • 2 x Windstorm
  • 2 x 1897 Amber
  • 2 x Noble Pilsner

Not too bad since I wanted to try their other beers a well. For this review, I will stick with the Curiosity Lager.

You can also purchase them in individual cans, but the store I went to didn’t have it.


When poured, it is clear, bright medium golden yellow colour to it. It is made with chinook and lemon drop hops, to give it its citus hop nose with a taste of bready malt, subtle fruit notes, and slight crisp and clean finish.

It pairs well with BBQ meats, rich seafood dishes, spicy Vietnamese or Thai.


The beer was ok, but it wouldn’t be my top pick of beer. I tried it out for curiosities sake. I much prefer lighter and fruity beers. Just a personal preference. I think if I had this with a spicy pepperoni pizza, I think it would taste amazing.

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