Lucy Eastside Diner: Crazy Unique Eats at a 24 hrs Diner

Diana Chan November 10, 2011 24 hours, Diner, Mount Pleasant/Main Street, Three Beakers

It was another EatUp with the #YVRBreakfast club, but there was a twist this time…We were having breakfast in our Pajamas at night!  I’ve always passed by Lucy’s Eastside Diner, but never went there till now. They are open 24 hours and serves breakfast and dinner all the time… no matter what time it is.

I’ve also heard it’s a great place to go eat after a late night.

The interior is quite small, so there is a lot of bar seating and very limited booths. It’s probably best to go in 2’s and 3’s ….but in this case we went with 10 people. It was quite cozy indeed.

They also have the menu up on a lit up board. Lots to choose from.


They also have a paper menu too with more description of the items they serve.

Whats nuts is that they also have an eating challange! It’s called ‘Uncle Grants Eating Challenge’. It must have been a new thing since only 5 people have attempted this.

We asked the server what was in the eating challenge. It was such a mouthful that we had to get him to write it down for us. If you can’t finish the challenge, it costs about $40. We were not in the mood for this, but perhaps one day in the future.

Dad’s Root Beer ($3.75)

Three Little Pigs ($10) has 3 egg bennies with hashbrowns. The bennies that come with it are chorizo, bacon and ham bennies. The hollandaise sauce has a bit of garlic taste to it. They could have worked on their consistency of their eggs a bit better since some people who ordered this dish expected the eggs to be a bit runny. The hash browns were very crispy!

Montecristo ($8) has chicken, ham, and cheese sandwich dunked in egg and grilled. It also come with side of fries and their ‘fry sauce’. M thought the Montecristo was a bit disappointing. It’s not the original Montecristo that he was looking for.

Meatloaf and Mac & Cheese ($9) is served in a hoagie bun filled with meatloaf and topped with mac & cheese. There is also fries and fry sauce on the side.

Mac & Cheese with Pulled Pork ($9) comes in a hoagie bun filled with mac & cheese and topped with pulled pork! Crazy combination but its what makes Lucy’s so unique. The Mac & Cheese tasted a little bit bland, but it matched with the bold taste of the pulled pork. This won’t be the most delicious meal you have ever had, but it’s different than other places. The fries are so good and addictive

Overall, the food is pretty so-so. We weren’t able to order their famous milkshakes since their machine was broken.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Limited seating, not good for large groups
  • Uncle Grants Eating Challenge
  • So-so Food
  • Amazing fries and hash browns….SUPER CRISPY!
  • Open 24 hours

We Rate Lucy Eastside Diner: 


2708 Main Street
Vancouver, BC V5T

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