Lotteria: Wild Shrimp Burger in Korea

Diana Chan October 23, 2013 Fast Food, Korean, South Korea

Once we landed in Seoul, Korea we needed to take 2 trains and a taxi to get to Pohang, Korea. It was a long commute and took about 3 hours. Once we got to Singyeongju Station near Gyeongju, M and I needed to take a dinner break and found a Lotteria in the station.

If you’ve never heard of Lotteria before, it’s like the Korean McDonalds where it serves fast food like burgers and chicken. It’s literally everywhere in Korea, you’ll find one if you just walk around the streets in any town.


I had no idea what I wanted to get, so it took me a while to stare at the menu.


There was one item that intrigued me – Wild Shrimp Burger. I’ve never seen a shrimp burger, so it was time to check it out a chow down.


Wild Shrimp Burger Combo ($6,200 WON or $6.20 CDN) came with a pop and fries. They have Pepsi and most people in Korea prefer Pepsi over Coca-Cola. This whole meal is just over 900 calories, if you’re into counting. The burger itself is about 500 calories. You definitely shouldn’t come here if you’re trying to lose weight.

Since I’m on vacation, so I can eat ALL the food.


The fries were ok, but it still can’t beat McDonalds. It’s probably because these fries aren’t heavily salted.


Wild Shrimp Burger is made of a sesame bun, shrimp patty, thousand island dressing, tartar sauce, lettuce, pickles, and paprika. It had a unique taste and it kinda reminded me of a fish fillet burger from McDonalds.

The exterior of the shrimp patty was nice and crispy. The inside of the patty has small bits of shrimp, but you really can’t notice it too much. The burger sounded amazing, but when i ate it, it was a bit of a let down.


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