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Diana Chan October 2, 2017 product, Specialty Shop

Choices Markets is a BC owned and operated grocer focused on delivering high quality, organic, natural, and specialty foods. I wanted to challenge myself to purchase only BC grown produce and products made in BC. Since my local farmers market isn’t open on Sunday, Choices Markets is a good option to find a plethora of local products.

What I like about their produce section is that they label were the produce comes from. You won’t have a hard time knowing if it’s from Canada or the US. Choices has gained recognition as an advocate of supporting the great number of BC dedicated food producers.

My Grocery Haul

A lot of people thinking buying local and organic will cost you, but if you look out for sales and know whats in season, it can help cut down in costs. Since it is the Fall, squash, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, apples, and many other items are in season. I found looking for packaged products made in BC a lot harder since it’s not always evident from the packaging. Luckily, I noticed a few great items in store since I always have an eye open in the BC food scene. Wize Monkey Coffee Leaf TeaSpread em’ Kitchens DipsRoyals Kombucha, and Better With Ice Cream are a few local products that are gaining quite a buzz lately.

My Dinner

Here is what I made with a few of the items I picked up at Choices Markets. Deliciously tender rack of lamb, potatoes, green beans and tomatoes. A simple healthy meal and I cooked everything in one pan in the oven. We are pretty lucky living in BC since we do have some great farmers growing a diverse amount of crops and raising different types of animals.



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    Those apples were only $2.69?! Omgosh!!

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