Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot: New Location on Broadway

Diana Chan May 5, 2014 All You Can Eat, Chinese, Fairview, Three Beakers


Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot has a new location on Broadway and Burrard. My coworkers and I decided to come here as it was semi close to our office. Plus, I always had a good time at their other locations in Richmond and Burnaby.

This location is a little bit different as they do not offer plum juice. They said it’s because they don’t have room for the equipment to prepare it. it made me sad because I do enjoy plum juice with hot pot. Some people do hate it.

It costs about $20 per person for hot pot plus soup base and any other specialty items.


We came at around 5:45pm on a weekday and it wasn’t packed yet. By the time it was 7pm, almost all the tables were full.


The broth we had was a mix of spicy and original broth. It’s a good option to get if you have a group of friends who can’t decide which broth to get. I generally find that spicy is great for cooking meat and the original is great for vegetables.


Remember to load up on the meat! The only downside of little sheep is that you are limited to 2 orders of each meat per round.

We ordered a lot of beef slices.


Lamb, beef and shrimp balls.


Spam, pork skin and quail eggs.


Cuttlefish and octopus


Sweet potato, bean curds, tofu puffs and frozen tofu.




More mushrooms and vegetables.


Overall, my coworkers thought it was a great place to go and enjoyed the food. The menu isn’t as vast compared to some other hot pot places, but they still have a decent selection. I just wish they didn’t have meat limits per order.

The service was decent but when it gets busy, it’s harder to flag down a server.

We Rate Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot:

101-1788 W. Broadway Vancouver, BC 


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