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Diana Chan November 1, 2010 Bar and Grill, Four Beakers, Greek, North Burnaby

Little Billys Steak House is a gem that is hidden in North Burnaby near SFU. They specialize in steaks, seafood and traditional greek dishes.

One thing I really don’t like about this place is the very very cramped entrance to the restaurant. When you are with a group of 6 waiting for your table to be set up, you are literally standing next to the person seated at the bar. I took this shot from the back of the restaurant.

To start off a nice meal, I decided to try Becks beer ($5.75) and my grandfather got a Heineken ($5.75). Both beers were good, I wish they would fill it up closer to the top of the glass. I probably got 1/5th less.

My little sister got a shirley temple. It’s grenadine, 7 up, OJ and some cherries. Very delicious and great for kids. It’s not on the menu, but they can practically make anything.

Depending on what you order, they will give you a green salad with balsamic vingar or a greek salad. They both taste really good and fresh. You won’t be disappointed with either. These come included in your meal, just read the menu and it should say which one is included.

My grandfather ordered the Lamb Chops ($24). It had about 5 or 6 lamb chops with vegetables, rice, tzatziki , and potato. The lamb chop was very soft a tender and not tough at all.

My mother had the Halibut ($25). It is a pan seared halibut fillet with a Greek style lemon butter sauce. It also came with vegetables and potato. $25 for this was quite expensive but my mother seemed to like it.

My dad had the 9oz Beef Tenderloin ($30), it comes with vegetables, and your choice of either a baked potato, mashed potatoes or fries. He chose the baked potato, which you could add on sour cream, chives and bacon. It was delicious and cooked right at medium. My little sister even stole a few bites off his plate.

WorkingGirl has had the Paidakia Ribs ($24) a few times and this time, the quality has gone down. They use to be very plump and large. This time, it looked very small and thin like a starving animal. It also comes with potato, rice, tzatziki and grilled vegetables. She really hated the potato since it was very lemony and not potato-like. I guess its the greek way of making potatoes.

I got the roast lamb ($21). It is a marinated lamb shoulder baked in a special mustard sauce. It was very tender, and the meat fell off the bones nicely. I know the picture looks very ugly, but it was delicious. In contrast to WorkingGIrl, I did like the potato since it was not bland and boring like regular potatoes.

My little sister had the gorgonzola Mac and Cheese. They were very accommodating when making her meal. My little sister doesn’t eat a lot, so they can do half orders of most items on their menu. She loves Mac and Cheese, so she chose this option. But, the waiter suggested different types of cheeses since gorgonzola is a type of pungent mouldy cheese. In the end, we got Cheddar/Mozzarella Mac & Cheese (Half order), which came out to be $7. The noodles of the mac and cheese are not the usual tube shapes, they are curly!!

At the end of the meal, they give everyone mint chocolates. I love these more than mints or mints with chocolate in the middle.

After tax and tip, this whole meal came to about $170.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Amazing servers that are helpful
  • Make reservations to avoid waits
  • Meals can be customizable and have half orders
  • Expensive for dinner time

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