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Diana Chan March 25, 2015 British Columbia, product


The idea of Little Baby Cakes was conceived in summer of 2014, when the owners discovered an untapped market that would revolutionize the cupcake scene in Vancouver. Their philosophy is to present Vancouverites with a smaller (and healthier) cupcake option, produce artisan cupcakes made from quality ingredients, and support local businesses.

Little Baby Cakes’ cupcakes are crafted with care and love. Their quarter-sized cupcakes will satisfy your cravings without sacrificing your diet. Sometimes you just need a tiny taste.


At 1.5 inches tall, the cupcakes are much smaller than the average cupcake (and consequently, lower in calories). This creates the perfect opportunity for people who are health conscious to sample multiple flavours without the guilt of packing on pounds.

The prices of these one-bite indulgence cupcakes are $7 for 6, or $13 for 12.

They currently don’t have a storefront, but you can find them at Holt Renfrew on their Skybridge from March 26th – April 4th during regular store hours.


Double Fudge is a delight! You have the dark chocolate base finished with dark chocolate frosting, then dusted with powdered sugar.


Coconut Paradise has the original cupcake base topped with a blue coconut frosting and real coconut bits.


Earl Grey has the vanilla base, topped with the earl grey frosting and bits of tea on top.


Original is pretty standard but they make it pretty good.


Red Pearl has the Red velvet base with cream cheese frosting and sugar pearls on top.


Salted Caramel was interesting. It’s good if you like salty and sweet items.


I shared them around the office and my coworkers love the flavours and thought they would make an amazing addition to a baby shower since the cupcakes are teenie tiny.

I’m not a cupcake person, but I did find the size very enjoyable to eat.


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