Lin Chinese Cuisine: Dan Dan Noodles & Xiao Long Bao

Diana Chan December 24, 2011 Chinese, Fairview, Three Beakers

Lin Chinese Cuisine is well known for their amazing Xiao Long Bao and Noodle soups! They have won multiple awards for their amazing food and chefs. This place is usually packed during the peak hours and caters to small and large groups. The prices are very affordable!

MedicalGiraffe was back in town again and craved some good ol Chinese food since she’s been deprived of it for the past few months.

There are lots of tables, but it’s always good to make reservations. Since there are so many tables, sometimes the seating can get quite cramped.

Tea is the way to go!

Tan Tan noodle soup with minced meat ($6.59) was really good. It was my first time I’ve ever had dandan noodles. The broth had a nice rich flavour and the addition of the meat made it really good. It wasn’t very spicy at all. MedicalGiraffe really liked it too.

The broth is probably not the healthiest, but it does taste good. I’m not a dandan expert since this is the first time I’ve had it….so i’m not sure how it’s really supposed to be like.

Xiao Long Bao (Shanghai juicy pork dumpling) ($4.99) comes with 6 pieces and come with the sauce.

It was really hard to take a picture while eating it since the soup/meat just screamed to be eaten. What we loved about their dumplings is that the skin is thin, yet quite durable. It didn’t break and the pork and the soup inside tasted good.

Overall, what we had was pretty good. It’s sucks that the table arrangements were quite close together, but it was all about the food

Words of Wisdom:

  • Xiao Long Bao is a must
  • Service is a bit mediocre
  • Make reservations if you have large group
  • Hard to find parking
  • Very good prices!

We Rate Lin Chinese Cuisine: 
1537 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6J

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  1. Vincent N December 26, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    It’s ironic that you posted this up on Christmas Eve. I actually ended up taking my parents and my friend her for Christmas Eve dinner.
    The XLB is so good. There was this dumpling I had (I’m so CBC) that it was like an XLB but it was deep fried on both sides. The soup seemed to keep flowing forever. It was so good.

    I find that the service is a hit and miss. I’ve gone their twice, the first time our dishes took forever to arrive. Four dishes in 1.25 hours (one of them being a hot and sour soup.) But on Christmas Eve service was good. Manager was friendly and tea was filled and they cleared tables quickly of empty plates.

    But I do agree, reservations are highly recommended.

    And those noodles…they look so good.

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