Lido Market: Buffet Lunch at Holland America Volendam

Diana Chan June 10, 2017 Alaska, Cruise

Day 1 on Holland America Volendam and we checked-in at noon and had a lot of spare time until the ship started leaving Canada Place in Vancouver. Our next 7 days, we would be embarking on a journey to Alaska.


We headed to Lido Market for a buffet lunch as some of us started getting hungry.

You seat yourself and find a table. Since we had 10 people in our party, we had to find a few tables close to each other.

Food Stations

As we walked through the different stations, there is a cheese station, salad station, sandwiches, different entrees, carvery, sushi, desserts, beverages and other things. There is really a little bit of everything here.

The staff are very friendly, but you’ll need a bit of patience waiting in like for them to serve you.

Buffet Style

I find this a nice place to chill at since you can basically wander in any time to get water, tea or coffee.

Depending on their hours, they may have a reduced amount of stations available to get food from. As this was the first restaurant we went to, we ate a lot to try to get a sense of this restaurant.

All of the food here was very so-so. Some items were salty, other were too sweet, but other wise, lots of food available.

It’s kinda what happens when food is made en mass.

We learned pretty quickly that we shouldn’t over indulge ourselves. There are other lunch options like Dive-In, The Dining Room, and Pinnacle Grill that I personally find better on the ship. On the contrary, if you love variety, Lido Market definitely has that. Dining here is complimentary and part of your cruise package, so you really aren’t losing out.

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