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Diana Chan April 4, 2011 Cafe, Chinese, South Burnaby, Two Beakers

M wanted to go to Crystal Mall to buy some cheap cables for his TV/computer monitor since his HDMI cord was malfunctioning.

Since we were both a bit hungry, we went to Libo Cafe at the Crystal Mall food court. We’ve been here many times and the food is decent and cheap.

Their lunch combo menu is quite straight forward. Choose an item labeled number 1 -9, and then you also get a free drink and soup!

M ordered combo #5, which is Ham, pork cutlet, egg with curry and rice ($7.25). He chose the russian Borscht and cold milk tea. The ham was very thinly sliced and nothing special. Its basically the ones that are from the grocery stores. The Egg was also normal. The pork cutlet had lot’s of bones. M doesn’t like bones… He HATES them! The Russian Borscht was the worst one M tasted. M’s favorite soup from Chinese places is the Russian Borscht, but this one tasted pretty bland and rather disgusting.

The only best thing about this meal was the curry! Libo curry sauce is incredibly spicy, but very delicious. So good, M wanted to by a bowl full to take home.

I ordered the black pepper sauce Chicken and beef steak with spaghetti ($7.25).

I thought the beef steak was cooked nicely since it was pink in the middle and not tough. The chicken steak was also good, slightly crispy on the inside and juicy in the middle. The black pepper sauce was very peppery and super strong. Decent sauce since I do like it super peppery. One thing I wished they had was more sauce since there was a lot of spaghetti.

On the side I got the potato bacon soup and lemon tea. Lemon tea was good as usual.

The Potato Bacon Soup was alright. It did have a potato texture to the soup and had real bacon bits in the soup. Decent but not my favorite soup from this place.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Under $10
  • Large menu

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4500 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC
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