L’Express: French Cuisine in Montreal, QC

Diana Chan June 5, 2012 French, Plateau Mont-Royal, Three Beakers

L’Express is located on the plateau in Montreal. The serve authentic French dishes and it’s usually packed every night. It’s best to make reservations because most people in Montreal rely on reservations. CanuckGirl and I decided to go to L’Express without reservations and got a seat at the bar fairly quickly. Even though people will make reservations, not everyone shows up, so there is hope for those with no reservations.

As we sat down, we were given complementary bread with butter. The bread was quite hard and the butter was solid too, thus making it hard to spread.

You also get a jar of complementary little pickles. I love pickles so I naturally ate them up. I didn’t eat the whole jar, but I was very tempted to.

Octopus Lentil Salad ($16.55) the lentils is hidden under the thin slices of octopus. The sauce around it gives it a it of acidic taste which compliments the dish nicely. THe octopus has been well prepared and very tender.

Shrimp Risotto ($20.30) had lots of shrimp for the portion size and very creamy. CanuckGirl also said it was a good portion for dinner too since other places can give you less.

Duck Confit Salad ($24.40) had lots of warm duck on top. Since duck is naturally oily, it made the bed of salad quite oily. It’s still pretty good. Duck is delicious and tender.

Overall, it was good French Fine Dining experience. The only disappointment was over the service. Our main server ignored us most of the evening, so we had to always resort for asking questions to an alternative server. We had a hunch that the server was acting snobby because we did not order wine. We were quite bitter over the service since it was clear our server was treating all of the other customers much better and having long conversations with them.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Make reservations to have a seat at a table
  • You’ll usually get a bar seat without reservations
  • Fine Dining
  • Decent prices

We Rate L’Express:

3927 Rue Saint-Denis
Montreal, QC


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