Lee: Restaurant of Internationally Acclaimed Super-Chef Susur Lee

Diana Chan May 30, 2014 Chinese, King West, Three Beakers


Lee was created by Susur Lee. He has appeared on a few Food Network shows such as – Chopped Canada, Top Chef Canada, Top Chef Masters, Iron Chef America, and Restaurant Makeover to name a few.

The dishes served here have modern Asian & French influences. I came here to dine with Flo, Fabo, and M. I tried coming here a few years ago, but it wasn’t open on Sundays, so we went elsewhere. This time, I was determined to dine here.


When asking for hot water, it comes in such a cute tea pot with some lemon slices on the side.


Flo wanted a non-alcoholic fruity drink, so she asked the server for a nice suggestion. He basically just surprised here with this beautiful creation.


Singaporean-style Slaw ($20) states that it serves two, but its pretty big. We shared it with a group of 4 and it was no problem. It has green onions, taro root, rice vermicelli, cucumber, carrots, jicama, daikon, tomatoes, sesame seeds, ginger, peanuts, edible flowers, purple, basil, coriander, daikon sprouts, shallots, pickled red onion, with their salted plum dressing and onion oil. It was like a garden! The dish actually looked more impressive when it arrived at the table, but the server helped us mix it, so I missed getting the shot. If you are dining here, this is a must have dish. It’s refreshing and has a ton of flavour.


Top Chef Green Curry Chicken ($28) has crispy multi-grain rice cake, pine nuts, spiced tomato jam, oven dried pineapple, and chili mint. This was the Top Chef Award Winning Dish. The dish was ok, it was definitely creative but it lacked depth in the sauce.


Korean Style Marinated Beef Striploin ($35) has garlic mushrooms, roasted pear, blue cheese & dill sauce, topped with arugula.  The beef is 8oz, so it a good size. The striploin was tender and flavourful. It didn’t taste very Korean at all.


Spice Crusted Diver Scallop ($28) has crispy bacon, squash purée, pomelo, and spiced Chinese sweet bean pesto. The scallops were seared perfectly, but we didn’t like the combination of squash and pomelo.


Assam Thai Satay ($25) comes with 2 skewers of chicken, shrimp, and beef. The sauces that comes with it are chili mint, peanut sauce, and spicy mango salsa. It was pricey for those 6 skewers.



Black Pepper Charred Tuna Sashimi & Spicy Tartare ($28) has soya bean, tonnato sauce, and lotus root crisps.


It was a delicious dish! The quality of the tuna can really be tasted. Good mix of ingredients.


Peking & Char Sui Duck ($29) has Beijing duck garnish, steamed pancake, and foie gras pâté. This was one of the last dishes to come and we thought it could have come earlier in the meal. By this point, we were already stuffed.


It is a fun dish to put together as you have everything to make the wraps. Just mix a little bit of everything in the steamed pancake and you are set. It was a nice twist on the original duck wraps. I really loved the fried bean curd because it adds a nice crunch.

Overall, the one dish that blew our minds was the Singaporean-style slaw. Every dish that came out after that wasn’t as exciting. They tasted good, but not as much excitement.

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603 King St W
Toronto, ON


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