Le Gros Jambon: Consuming Lots of Cheese in Montreal, QC

Diana Chan June 4, 2012 Brunch, Diner, Old Montréal, Three Beakers

BraisedandConfused suggested we give Le Gros Jambon Diner a try when we were in town. CanuckGirl and I went when we were in the area for Cirque Du Solei. They serve simple diner style food such as mac n cheese, burger, pizza, hotdogs and salad.

All seating is in rows, so you can’t really sit down with a large group. It’s best to come in small groups. Even if you are eating alone, it won’t feel awkward either.

Since it is a diner, they have some cool retro posters all over the wall.

Bottled Coca-Cola gives it a nice look in the diner. I love bottle Coca-Cola! It taste slightly better than in those plastic bottles.

Duck Confit Mac & Cheese ($11) was ordered by CanuckGirl and she just loved it. Its has a good amount of duck confit and is oh so cheesy!

Four Cheese Grilled Cheese ($8) has a side of fries and coleslaw too.

The fries are a bit limp, but they have a bit of a sweet taste to them for some reason. They do look quite brown, but don’t let the color discourage you.

The grilled cheese was VERY CHEESY! The cheese wouldn’t stop oozing out. I would suggest a napkin if you don’t want it accidentally getting on your clothes.

Overall, great diner concept and delicious food! I’m sure it’s not the most healthy for you but isn’t comfort food done right.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Limited seating
  • Good decent prices
  • Mac and Cheese is a must

We Rate Le Gros Jambon:

286 Notre Dame O
Montreal, QC

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