Lay’s Taiwan: Roasted Garlic Chips Review

Diana Chan September 26, 2015 product


When my parents went to Taiwan this year, they brought me back a bunch of Lay’s chips that we didn’t have here in Canada. It’s pretty funny how this Summer I got the most amount of chips from friends and family going away on vacation. I guess the best present for a foodie is foreign snacks. I don’t mind at all.

One of the bags were Lay’s Roasted Garlic.


Lay’s Roasted Garlic was quite an usual flavour. It did not taste like garlic at all. It was more like a cheesy onion if that makes sense. They could have done a better job perfecting the flavour.

I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting this chip in the future.

The Thai Spicy Crab chips were so much better.


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