Lays Poppables: Sea Salt, White Cheddar and Honey BBQ Review

Diana Chan July 13, 2018 product

Lay recently released their new Poppables chips in 3 flavours – Sea Salt, White Cheddar and Honey BBQ. As there was a sale at the grocery store, I decided to buy them all just to try.

What is unique about these is that the shape and texture is completely different than regular chips. It is very airy, light and is very crispy. Music to my ears and I love it.

Honey BBQ

When I shared this with my coworkers, this was the favourite flavour of the three. It is a bit sweet from the honey and the spices to replicated the BBQ flavour really wowed everyone. I personally didn’t like it because of the subtle sweetness.

Sea Salt

Sea Salt is the most simple of the three flavours. This was my favourite of the three as it wasn’t too salty and the potato taste of the chip really paired well.

White Cheddar

White cheddar is sprinkled on the exterior of the chip and has a savoury cheesy taste. It reminds me of SmartFood Popcorn and it isn’t too salty compared to the other 2 flavours.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Lay’s Poppables are very addictive. With the 3 flavours, you’ll find one that you like. The texture is what makes these chips so damn good. I’ve gotten a few friends hooked on these, so I have a good feeling that you might like it too.


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  1. Connie Leung July 14, 2018 at 8:12 am

    I love Spokes! They are air puffed and has the light and airy texture as well! Except the Sea Salt one is too salty (Maybe because I always end up eating the entire 80g bag 😂)

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