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Diana Chan September 3, 2014 product


Lays Canada is back at it again for the Do Us a Flavour contest. Last year they had Creamy Garlic Caesar, Grilled Cheese & Ketchup, Maple Moose, and Perogy Platter…but in the end… Maple Moose ended up winning. This caused some online outrage because it was quite a disgusting flavour for chips. Earlier this year, the Maple Moose chips was discontinued due to low sales.

This year when submissions were open, they received more than one million flavour submissions from fans coast to coast. The 4 finalists this year are:

  • Bacon Poutine
  • Cinnamon Bun
  • Jalapeño Mac N’ Cheese
  • Tzatziki

The ultimate winner will receive $50,000 plus one per cent of their flavour’s future sales.


I bought all 4 chips from Save On Food and made myself a blind test to see how the flavours compared.

One thing different this year is how some of the chips were on different types of chips – original, kettle chips, and Wavy.


Bacon Poutine on Lay’s Original by Guillaume Lorrain from Trois-Rivières, Quebec

The taste was familiar kinda like BBQ chips because of the smokey flavours. The flavour was good but it wasn’t anything unique.


Cinnamon Bun on Lay’s Original by Gloria Melanson from London, Ontario.

This is probably the weirdest flavour of the bunch especially when cinnamon buns and chips would never mix. You definitely get a distinct flavour of the cinnamon bun, but then when the potato flavour hits, you are wondering why the chip is sweet and not salty.


Jalapeño Mac N’ Cheese on Lay’s Wavy by Randall Litman from Calgary, Alberta

This is definitely a flavour that I can see on the shelves! It is very cheesy and then you get the hint of pickled jalapeños. It’s weird how they wouldn’t have thought of this chip flavour before.


Tzatziki on Lay’s Kettle Cooked by Denise Vella from Cambridge, Ontario

Tasted like Sour cream and onion but with the hint of cucumber and yogurt aftertaste. This flavour did not get my tastebuds tingling…I thought it was weird.

Voting is now open for Canadians to decide the winning flavour by trying the four and voting for the yummiest from August 12 – October 15.

Canadians can vote once per day on each of the following platforms:

  • Tweet using vote and one of the flavour finalist hashtags (i.e. #VoteFlavourName)
  • Instagram using vote and one of the flavour finalist hashtags (i.e. #VoteFlavourName)
  • Text VOTE to 101010

I don’t know which one I am voting for yet, but I am either choosing Jalapeño Mac N’ Cheese or Bacon Poutine. Tzatziki and Cinnamon Bun were way too weird for me.

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