Lay’s Canada: Milk Chocolate Covered Wavy Chips

Diana Chan March 24, 2015 product


I love finding new items at the grocery store. Earlier this year, Lay’s Canada introduced milk chocolate covered wavy chips just in time for Valentines Day. But, I rarely pay attention to whats new on the shelves unless I go hunting for junk food. Trying to be healthy is hard.

Chocolate covered potato chips by Lay’s was introduced in 2013 to the States, but we didn’t get it until 2015. I wonder why there was a delay.

The bags are much smaller than the regular chip bag. At 141g per bag, thats  much smaller than their usual bags.


In the bag, you will see one side of the chips are heavily coated while the other side is quite sparse. The chip is still crisp and the chocolate and salt work well together if you like the salty sweet combination.

The chocolate is quite rich, so I would have preferred it to be dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.


It’s in stores for a limited time, but you can still find them at stores like 7 Eleven, SuperStore, Loblaws or Save on Foods. They sell for about $5 – $6 from the stores I’ve been to. Pretty pricey when you compare it to regular chips.


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