Lay’s Canada: Bacon Mac & Cheese and Wasabi Ginger Chips Review

Diana Chan March 9, 2016 British Columbia, product


Lay’s Canada introduced 2 new flavours on store shelves to promote this year’s Lay’s Do Us A Flavour Contest – Wasabi Ginger and Bacon Mac & Cheese.

I love grabbing up a few unique flavours to bring to the office for my coworkers. It’s so funny to see the faces of disgust to joy.


Bacon Mac & Cheese was a flavour introduced in 2014 for the American Do Us A Flavour Contest, but didn’t win.


It is on their regular chip and just tastes like cheddar with a smoked flavour. In a sense, close but not close enough to the bacon mac and cheese flavour.


Wasabi Ginger on kettle cooked chips was the winner of the 2014 American Lay’s Do Us a Flavour contest. I remember grabbing this bag from Seattle and getting so excited because it is a weird flavour.


You definitely get a strong taste of ginger then a bit of ginger that hits the nose. I did like the Kettle chips as it is a bit thicker than normal chips, so it adds an extra crunch. Interesting, but not my favourite.

If you want more unique flavours to try, get voting to see what will get made next.

This year’s potential flavours are inspired by well-loved recipes from across the globe. Instead of fan-submitted entries, Lay’s is showcasing 12 flavours from three categories that they have preselected:

  • Iconic Ingredients: Magic Masala, Pico de Gallo, Paprika and Thai Sweet Chili
  • Home Cooked Classics: Cheese & Onion Chicken & Waffles , Picanha Steak and Spicy Hot Pot
  • Street Food: Bacon Poutine, Chicken Kebab, Fries with Joppiesaus and Ribs on the Bar-B

Since they can’t produce all 12 flavours, they need help choosing the best 3, 1 from each category.

The winning flavour from each category will be added to store shelves in Fall 2016.


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