La Taqueria: New Location on Main Street

Paulina Tsui April 4, 2018 Mexican, Mount Pleasant/Main Street, Tapas

La Taqueria recently opened their 6th location on Main Street just off Broadway. I am ecstatic. Main Street is easily one of my favourite areas to go bar and food hopping. Quality gems all around, huge variation and just the perfect level of crowded. Add one of the best taco joints in Vancouver to the mix and Main Street pretty much has all the favourite “casual-frivolous” hang out options that could satisfy any crowd. Cocktail bars, breweries, local coffee, west coast, pho, all day breakfast, pizza, shawarma, dim sum, tiki and now authentic tacos.

Their new location has a different vibe from the Hastings and Cambie locations. The bright yellow, pink and cyan everything has been traded for high ceilings, steel plates and industrial lighting. As for the food, all the same classics prepared as it always has. Now with nachos. I’ll have one of everything please.

Their menu features 8 meat taco options, 4 veggie taco options, 3 seafood options on 6” flour tortillas, nachos, tortilla soup and churros. Every taco is delicious, you can’t go wrong.

My favourites are the cachete (braised beef cheeks, imagine pulled pork but beef), rajas con crema (sweet corn with a kick of poblano pepper), mole (chocolate mole stewed chicken) and the atun (seared tuna with wasabi mayo). Mole always confuses me by its description as a chocolate sauce. It’s made of unsweetened chocolate or dark chocolate so while just a tiniest bit sweet, the only way I can describe it is complex and savoury. In their taco it reminds me of the flavours of Taiwanese pork floss.

Pictured above is the beer battered prawn taco on 6” tortilla. It’s very satisfying.

We were lucky to be invited to their grand opening where the house was filled to the edges. With the live music and the excited bellies, I felt transported to a busy bar in San Francisco’s Mission District on a Saturday night.

La Taqueria’s bar featured 3 cocktails for the night. A classic margarita, a paloma and a mezcal negroni. If you’re looking for something strong, go for the negroni. It’s made with a kiss of fire and appropriately garnished with a lightning bolt shaped orange peel.

A night out only gets betters when you add tacos. Currently they open from 11 am to 9 pm every day except Sunday when they open at noon.

2521 Main St, Vancouver, BC


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