La Glace: French-style Ice Cream Parlour in Vancouver

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I may be lactose intolerant, but that didn’t stop me from attending La Glace‘s tasting preview event a couple of weeks ago. Ice cream at the end of a hard work day was much needed, and Roman and I were eager to get our hands on a decadent treat. As we approached La Glace, I was delighted by the balloons and the setup outside of the shop. The colours of mint, black and white were so welcoming, and the touch of gold made it so pretty. Needless to say, I was already impressed!

I could not help but notice and smile when I saw an ice cream cart with a large black and white umbrella. A young female staff member greeted us and asked us if we would like to try the Matcha Black Sesame Swirl. Roman quickly agreed (he loves matcha) and reported back on how good and creamy it was. I was amused by how it was served in a small cone. It made it look oh so cute!

Matcha Sesame Swirl

We entered the shop and I took in the beautiful interior design. Although the shop is inspired by a Parisian aesthetic, I could not help but notice some familiar pieces that my mother also has in her house. It was an unexpected touch of home, and I excitedly pointed them out to Roman. These were the peacock decor that were on display on the shelves behind the counter. The peacock imagery was reflected on the beautiful walls as well.

Lately, I have been more inclined to choose a vegan ice cream option, since it is dairy free (I am NOT vegan). Pastry chef, founder and culinary director, Mark Tagulao, informed me of the shop’s vegan offerings. Mark spoke with such enthusiasm and passion, I found myself even more excited to try the vegan flavours! Hugh, the front-of-house manager was very friendly and encouraged Roman and I to try everything. I immediately gravitated towards the Vegan Coco Pandan, because it made me think of Buko Pandan (which is a Filipino dessert made with young coconut and green gelatin that is similar to grass jelly). Anyways, this ice cream was an elevated translation of that dessert. The coconut flavour did not overpower the pandan flavour, and it was so creamy! I could not believe it was vegan! Hugh even offered to add a macaron and a marshmallow of my choice. I went with the lavender marshmallow and it complemented the Coco Pandan well.

Vegan Coco Pandan with Macaron and Lavender Marshmallow

The other two delicious vegan flavours we tried were the Chocohuète and the Chocolat à la Menthe. These two flavours did not disappoint! The Chocohuète was a rich peanut butter and dark chocolate flavour, and the Chocolat à la Menthe was a cool and creamy mint and dark chocolate combo. I loved mint chocolate chip ice cream when I was a kid, and the latter is a grown up version that I will come back to.

Vegan Chocohuète and Vegan Coco Pandan​

Roman and I also had sample tastes of the other flavour on La Glace’s menu, including the Bananes Foster (banana rum cream, toffee swirl & cinnamon) and the Pretzel Cremèux (sweet & salty pretzel cream). Although these flavours are dairy-based, I HAD to try them and good thing I came prepped (thanks to my lactase pill). These flavours were amazing! Extremely creamy, rich in flavour, and indulgent. Speaking of indulgent, Roman and I plan on going back to La Glace because one of the parfait offerings piqued our interest. It was the Sans Rival, which is two scoops of vanilla ice cream and cashew meringue that is topped with fresh whipped cream. Again, I could not help but notice that this is also inspired by another Filipino dessert with the same name. I am definitely curious as to how it was translated into an artisanal ice cream.


La Glace definitely had a sweet Parisian patisserie feel. The colours, decor, and space were so inviting, just like Mark and his staff. Roman and I felt pure bliss when we were experiencing La Glace and its ice cream. It is a great spot for a dessert date, or to celebrate a special occasion. Enjoy the last hot weeks of summer with a cool treat at La Glace, where “All things are better when shared with someone cherished”. La Glace is open Wednesday to Sunday from 12pm to 10pm.

2785 W 16th Ave, Vancouver, BC


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  1. Nosh and Nibble August 25, 2017 at 10:15 pm

    Can’t wait to try their parfaits!

  2. grayelf August 25, 2017 at 11:01 pm

    Went during the soft open and agree the coco pandan was excellent, vegan or not. I’m a fan of their version of sweet cream as well.

  3. cL August 26, 2017 at 4:52 am

    I can tell by your enthusiasm, you love this place! I want to try the Chocolat a la Menthe 😁 When I was a kid, I would eat half of those rectangle-boxed ice cream whenever it was hot 😅

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