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A few foodies were in the area and needed a good cheap place to eat with plenty of seats, so we decided to head to Kwong Chow Congee & Noodle House for some Chinese food. It’s a neighbourhood favourite in Mount Pleasant. A lot of people have talked about this place, but it was my first time dining here.


Preserved Egg and Lean Pork Congee is what we started off with. All scooped up into their individual bowls.


I love congee, it’s like my comfort food. If I had to only have one dish for the rest of my life, it would be congee.


House Special Wonton Soup with tons of wontons and they were able to customize the dish so each people would get at least one wonton.


Sliced Beef and Gai Lan is a solid dish but we did feel it was pretty oily. Even in the picture, it glisten in the lights.


Chicken with ginger and green onion oil on the side. We got half a chicken and it was pretty good as well.


Sweet and Sour Boneless Pork with Pineapples was ok, not my favourite type of dish at a Chinese restaurant. Just a personal preference since I don’t like mixing sweet and savoury items together. Kinda like how I don’t prefer Hawaiian pizza.


Sauteed Pea Shoots with garlic is one of my favourite vegetables. Cooked well.


Yang Chow Fried Rice is a pretty classic fried rice with shrimp, BBQ Pork, and other items.


Rice noodles with sliced beef and scrambled egg was an interesting dish. I think it needed a bit more salt and perhaps it would have been better with rice instead of rice noodle.


Deep Fried Silver Fish was super crisp and I loved the texture and crunch of them. The pepper flakes and garlic really accompany this dish well by giving it a little kick of spice.


Overall, the meal was pretty good, split among all of us, it was a pretty good price. The food isn’t anything fancy, but they have good tasting dishes.

We Rate Kwong Chow Congee & Noodle House35rating

3163 Main Street, Vancouver, BC


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