Koyuki Sapporo Ramen: Rice and Noodles in Downtown Vancouver

Diana Chan April 5, 2019 Fusion, Ramen, Robson Street/West End

Koyuki Sapporo Ramen is located in Downtown Vancouver on Jervis and Robson Street. They specialize in Miso ramen which was originally from Sapporo city in Hokkaido.

We were invite to try a variety of items off the menu from ramen, dons, and their appetizers.


There are a decent amount of seating inside for groups of 2’s and 4’s


Ebi Mayo

A classic Japanese tapas dish. Each prawn is battered and deep-fried, topped with sauce and a slice of lemon on the side. This all sits above a bed of greens. The sweet and sour sauce was more prominent as we didn’t sense any mayo in the dish. It was decent.

Tonkatsu Don Set

This is the most popular don on the menu and was recommended by the staff. The don comes with pickled radish and miso soup on the side.

The tonkatsu don was decent but we did feel the tonkatsu ended up to be mushy and soggy with the cooked egg. Would have been nice to have it separate so we can feel the crisp texture of the panko breading.

Milky Chicken Ramen

For our ramen, we asked one of the staff for her recommendation and her favourite was the milky chicken ramen, so we decided to give it a try. The broth was light and not too rich. We customized our ramen with thin firm noodles. Then added egg and seaweed as well. It was pretty good overall.

Seafood Tomato Risotto

They definitely have a lot of fusion type of dishes on the menu. The base of the sauce had a tad of spice and more of a sour ketchup flavour profile. The seafood sitting on top of the risotto didn’t feel very incorporated into the dish at all. It was so-so.

Final Thoughts

Overall, dishes we tried were decent but nothing really stood out. Given the neighbourhood, there’s really tough competition. As it is off Robson, it’s not as busy, so you’re guaranteed a spot without a long line up. We felt it was more like a spot to have a quick bite of tapas with beer. Their menu is pretty big, so there are lots of diverse options.

795 Jervis St, Vancouver, BC


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