Kosoo Restaurant: $30 Lunch Set for Two in Vancouver

Diana Chan August 8, 2018 Fusion, Japanese, Korean, lunch, Robson Street/West End

Kosoo Resaurant is serving up their Kosoo Set Course for $15 per person. There’s not a lot of options where you can get such a diverse amount of dishes for just $15. We were excited to give this set course a try to see if it’s worth the price.


There are a good amount of tables inside for small to large groups. If you’re in a large group, it’s best to make a reservation in advance for big groups.

Kosoo Set Menu

The best deal on their menu is their lunch course set for minimum 2 people. It’s a lot of food, but for $15 per person, it’s very good. It comes with:

  • Tuna Tataki
  • Mushroom salad
  • Ball trio
  • Kosoo Taco
  • Japchae
  • Dduk Galbi
  • 24 hour pork belly, miso marinated pork belly with salad and pickle
  • Mackerel
  • Korean Miso Soup
  • Kimchi
  • Matcha Creme Brûlée

11 dishes for $30 isn’t bad at all.  You get to try a variety of food with a diverse taste profile. Some items on the menu may change based on availability and seasonality.


Kimchi is a staple in Korean cuisines and you usually find it on the dining table. It is a spicy fermented cabbage that tastes sour and spicy.

24 hour Pork Belly and Dduk Galbi

On the left is the miso marinated pork belly with corn, jalapeno and pickle on top. Very tasty but would have been better it if was more tender.

On the right is the Dduk Galbi, which is traditional Korean oven roasted sweet ground beef with a house dressing, pickled onion and jalapeños. This tasted good but was a bit sweet.

Tuna Tataki and Ball Trio

Lightly seared tuna is paired with a sesame dressing and green onions. The ball trio were nicely fried, with a nice kick of spice to it.


Japchae is a classic Korean dish made with stir-fried glass noodles and vegetables. It was delicious.

Korean Miso Soup

Korean Miso Soup is made with soybean paste, with mixed veggies, tofu, and beef. It had a good comforting depth of flavour but was borderline salty.

Mushroom salad

The mushroom salad is made of a bed of greens, cherry tomatoes, 3 kinds of mushrooms, feta cheese and a balsamic dressing. A refreshing dish to go with the rest of the meal and it was good.

Kosoo Taco

This has beef with a sweet & spicy sauce, lettuce, and onion on a French crêpe as the soft taco shell. Oddly enough, this was good and kinda tasted like a Big Mac.

Grilled Mackerel

The mackerel is salted and then grilled. Not too fishy and has a good amount of fish fat to it.

Matcha Creme Brûlée

The meal ends with a Matcha Creme Brûlée served in a ceramic dish with a cute spoon.

Final Thoughts

Overall the set was worth it for $15 per person and some dishes were a hit and miss, but mostly still very positive. If you’re looking for a lunch set like this, we recommend making your way down here to Kosoo to get a taste of their Korean and French fusion dishes.

832 Cardero Street, Vancouver, BC


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