Korean Air: Vancouver to South Korea

Diana Chan February 1, 2014 Airplane Meals, Korean, Seoul


Up up away! Another visit to South Korea this month. This time we decided to take Korean Air because all other flights were sold out on such short notice. We booked it a day before we departed. From Vancouver to South Korea, it took about 11 hours to fly. I always dread these flight but I found that sleeping through everything except for meals makes the ride less long.

I usually get really annoyed after 4 hours because I am sitting in the same position. I need a lot of entertainment to keep me occupied.


The configuration of this plane was 3 – 3- 3 so, it’s a packed plane. I definitely like Air Canada a bit better because they have 2-3-2.


Take off was pretty smooth, but I found the in-flight entertainment console to be a bit dated. You have new movies and games, but I generally spend more time on my laptop. As they don’t have plugs, my computer died after a few hours.


An hour after the plane takes off, we are given a beverage and a pack of Honey Roasted Peanuts. I wasn’t a fan of the peanuts since they were encrusted in sugar. I like my peanuts with salt only…so I gave the rest to M to eat.

You can choose anything for your beverage. You can even get wine or beer, but I decided not to since I find drinking alcohol on the plane gives me a headache.


Bibimbap is an iconic and popular Korean dish. Any time I ask people about Korean Air food, they rave about this dish.

It also come with pickles, fruit and seaweed soup.


You mix the rice, vegetables, gochujang (chili pepper sauce), and sesame oil. This is what you get! It’s definitely satisfying but still not as good as what you would get at a restaurant.


Another option is the beef dish with vegetables and potatoes. You also get fruit, a salad, and bread. It’s definitely not as exciting as bibimbap. If you have the choice, definitely go with the bibimbap.


For our second dish, we got a choice between beef, chicken and fish. M and I both chose chicken. It has a celery salad, cheesecake and bread on the side. It was not that interesting. The cheesecake was warm and it ruined that whole experience. My salad was also a bit warm.

Throughout the flight, they go up and down the isles offering complimentary juice or alcohol. It’s a nice touch.


As the plane made it’s final destination to Incheon Airport, I was happy I could enjoy some good Korean food. The only highlight of Korean Air’s food offerings is the bibimbap. 11 hours on the plane and my butt was already sore.

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  1. Lissa April 3, 2014 at 3:28 pm

    We got home from Seoul last week and took Korean Air as well. I find the plane flying from YVR is slightly older than the one from INC. FYI, they do have an AC outlet below the seat. My kids found them on both flights and they actually worked. 🙂

  2. ivan block August 3, 2014 at 6:15 am

    The last time i fly with them are several years ago, the flight attendant always walk around every 1 hour to offer something to drink, also it was 12 hour flight, we got 2 meals and 1 heavy snack on that flight, i’ll say Korean Air are one of the best one in Asia

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