Kobe Japanese Steak and Seafood House: Teppanyaki Dining Experience

Diana Chan May 22, 2017 Downtown, Japanese, Seafood, Steakhouse

Kobe Japanese Steak and Seafood House specializes in Teppanyaki Dining Experience and has been around since 1969. They require reservations and can fit up to 120 people. I’ve always known about it and wanted to go try it. M and I received a SocialShopper voucher for a complete hibachi teppanyaki dinner experience for two people and wanted to come try it for our anniversary. We made reservations online and came here on a Wednesday evening. The dinner included teppan shrimp appetizer, shabu shabu soup, rice, seared vegetables, beef, tiger prawns, teriyaki chicken breast, green tea and ice cream for dessert.

Izakaya Lounge

The lounge is on the main floor and they have drinks and some other nibbles that you can order.

Dining Area

The main dining area is upstairs and there were tons of people already at 6pm. The seating is a bit tight since they tried to maximize space. We got seated but then had to wait until 6:40pm until the table was all complete. So, we grabbed some drinks. Drinks are extra and aren’t included in the voucher.

I went with Tiger, a Singaporean lager that has a light, crisp, and clean taste.

M got a small size of sake to enjoy with his meal. Both very great options to have with teppanyaki as it compliments the flavour profiles.

Shabu Shabu Soup

Everyone started with the Shabu Shabu Soup, which has fried onions, mushrooms and some green onions in this tasty broth. A good way to start the meal.

Food + Entertainment

Once the chef started, we got really excited to see the electrifying fire on the hot hot grill. I loved seeing the fire and feeling the heat emanating from grill.

They have 2 different sauces to dip your meat and vegetables. One was a garlic sauce and the other was a ginger sauce. Both good sauces, but I didn’t use it too much since the food was already flavourful.

Seared Vegetables

As the table was celebrating a few different things, they seared vegetables on the grill with a I <3 U and an onion tower that went up in flames.

Super fun to photograph too. Those flames definitely went up high.

The veggies were cooked well and had good flavour.

Teppan Shrimp Appetizer and Tiger Prawns

They cooked the shrimp together on the grill. The teppan shrimp and the tiger prawns had a noticeable texture and taste difference.

The tiger prawns had a nice bounce in texture and was more plump.


When we got our steak, we were asked how we would like it cooked. We went with rare.

It was cooked more to a medium rare, but that was ok too. The steak was good and went well with the dipping sauces.

Teriyaki Chicken Breast

There was then the Terikyaki Chicken Breast cooked on the grill with soy sauce, butter and salt.

Then the bean sprouts are steamed up and served with the chicken.

All the food put on the plate doesn’t look appetizing, but the food was decent.

Ice Cream

The meal ended with a scoop of ice cream with a cute umbrella. We got green tea and mango.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it was a unique experience and I’m glad we got a chance to try it. The food was decent but because of the similar sauce used for the different proteins, the flavour profile was mostly soy sauce and butter. $68.99 for a Teppanyaki Dinner Experience for 2 people through SocialShopper was a good deal. They usually have these deals, so you never have to pay regular price again.

We Rate Kobe

1042 Alberni St, Vancouver


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