KitKat Chinese New Year Assorted Gift Box: Review

Diana Chan January 31, 2019 product

I love holidays as that means limited edition chocolates come out. As Chinese New Year is nearing soon, I saw these at my local grocery store so I bought a box to share. It’s not very large as it only has 8 bars inside.

In previous years, they had larger bars of the Orange bars and White & Milk bars with special packaging.

What’s Inside

This limited edition box for the Year of the Pig contains 4 Matcha Green Tea Bars, 2 White & Milk Bars, and 2 Orange Bars. It roughly retails for $4.99 CDN.

Each bar has 2 KitKat fingers inside so you can share it with a friend if you can resist eating it all.

KitKat Matcha Green Tea Bars

They launched this flavour in Canada back in 2018 but I noticed there was a difference with this version in the box. From the exterior, you can tell there is matcha specks added to it. Pretty good in my opinion as it is stronger but it is balanced with sweetness.

KitKat Orange Bars

This has their crisp wafer inside with milk chocolate and an orange citrus essence. You can definitely tell its orange.

KitKat White & Milk Bars

Half of it is white chocolate and the other half is milk chocolate. With the milk chocolate, it makes it a bit sweeter than normal.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it makes for a great gift if you are looking for something inexpensive to give to a friend or relatives.

If you miss out on this limited edition box and want to try the different flavours, you can still find them individually in stores.


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