Kita No Donburi: Lunch Downtown

Diana Chan March 11, 2013 Downtown, Japanese, lunch, Three Beakers

Kita No Donburi

Kita no Donburi is located near Seymour and Hastings street. Kimbob E Ramyun used to be in this location before Kita no Donburi took over. It’s very close to Waterfront Skytrain. We were having a meeting nearby and needed a quick spot for lunch.

Kita No Donburi

They sell Japanese food and have a huge menu. We arrived too late for their lunch menu, so we had to settle for other items on their menu.

You order up at the counter first and then take a seat as you wait for your food to arrive. It kinda reminded me of those fast food restaurants in Asia.

Kita No Donburi

Oyako Don ($6.95) contains egg, chicken, onions, and topped with seaweed and sauce. It comes with a side of miso soup too.

Kita No Donburi

Buta Kimchi ($9.50) has marinated pork chop, kimchi, and vegetables in a hot stone bowl.

Kita No Donburi

Shogayaki Don ($7.80) contains pork, egg, onion, green onion on top of lettuce and rice.

Overall, the prices are quite fair for the food you get. It’s not the most amazing food, but good for a lunch.

We Rate Kita No Donburi

423 Seymour Street
Vancouver, BC


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