KitKat Canada Espresso Biscuit & Ganache Review

Diana Chan January 18, 2018 product

Kit Kat Canada has their Confectionary line of chocolate bars on store shelves now. I picked up the Espresso Biscuit and Ganache, but there is also Caramel Burst & Sea Salt and Mint Cream & Cookie Smash. Finally we are getting some fun an unique flavours of Kit Kat in Canada. When they released their 70% dark chocolate Kit Kat, I was so happy, so I couldn’t wait to try this.

At 140g, it is larger than a regular Kit Kat bar, There are 10 segments, but if you split them in half, you’ll have 20 pieces. Upon first smell, you can tell the espresso is definitely in there. The ganache was masked by the dark chocolate exterior, so it was hard to notice. Good flavour if you do love your espresso and chocolate.

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