Kishu River Japanese: Just Stay Away

Diana Chan February 24, 2013 Japanese, One Beaker, Victoria-Fraserview/Killarney

I was in the area and my coworkers wanted to grab some lunch close by. We tried going to Congee Noodle King, but they were packed! All the tables were taken, so we settle on Kishu River Japanese.

Kishu River Japanese

No one was eating here during lunch and this place smelled pretty funky. There was a very unhygienic odor lingering but it smelled very stale. This was the first sign that something didn’t seem right.

Kishu River Japanese

As we sat down to order, we saw a makeshift office complete with a fax machine in the corner. This seemed weird too. We made our order and there was only 1 server and 1 cook. With 5 bento boxes ordered, this took about 40 minutes to prepare. The restaurant was not full at all. At this point, we were very scared, hungry and annoyed. We didn’t have much time to eat, so we just decide to get it to-go.

Kishu River Japanese

Bento Box F ($10.95) unagi don, salmon roll (6pcs), tuna and salmon sashimi, salad and fruits. Comes with miso soup too.

The description sounded great, when I opened my box, I was scared. The salmon rolls were falling apart, the salad looked old, the unagi (eel) was so small and not fresh at all. Plus, if I’m paying over $10 for lunch, it better me good.

Kishu River Japanese

The tuna sashimi pieces were large but the salmon was so minimal. The quality of sashimi was quite poor. It was icy and just defrosted.

Overall, I have nothing good to say about this place. The service was horrible, the food was barely edible, and everyone was pissed off.

We Rate Kishu River Japanese Restaurant

3339 Kingsway Street
Vancouver, BC

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  1. LotusRapper March 5, 2013 at 9:42 pm

    My, my, that is SCARY-looking stuff. Kishu is a chain run (owned ?) by Vietnamese folks. It’s about the worst of McSushi one can get in the Lower Mainland. I’m surprised none of you got sick from food poisoning. Stay away is right !

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