Kirin Starlight: Dim Sum near New Westminster

Diana Chan September 21, 2015 Chinese, Dim Sum, Kid Friendly, New Westminster, Three Beakers


Kirin Starlight is our families go to place for Dim Sum. Since we live in Burnaby, it’s convenient for us to drive to on the weekend. They have several other locations throughout the Lower Mainland.


It gets pretty packed around noon, so make sure you have a reservation or else you might be waiting around 30 mins – 1 hour for a table.


When you get seated, they ask you what type of tea you would like. I usually get Jasmine tea or oolong tea.


Golden Sand Tofu is one of my favourite dishes. It is soft and silky on the inside with crispy exterior and sprinkled with salty bits on top. M always asks for this item at Dim Sum since it’s the one of the few items he can say in Chinese.


Shimp Dumplings (Har Gow) is a must order item. It comes in 4 pieces in the bamboo steamer.


Pork and Shrimp Sui Mai is another must. It also comes in 4 pieces and is a mixture of pork, shrimp and mushrooms.


Make sure you use the XO sauce for the dumplings. It’s pure magic and quite addictive.


Beef Rice Noodle Roll has minced beef in the centre and wrapped with the rice roll. You can pour soy sauce all over to bring it out some more flavour. They also have this in a shrimp version too.


Congee is a great item to order. Its like a soupy rice dish with different protein inside. There’s a lot of different versions too.


Zhaliang is a Chinese donut wrapped in rice noodle. Similarly to the beef rice roll. above. It is topped with pork floss and green onions. You get 2 sauce to dip it into – hoisin sauce or sesame paste.


Spare Ribs with black bean sauce comes in a bamboo steamer. It’s another popular item to order at dim sum.  It does have bones in it


Sticky Rice (Lo Mai Gai) wrapped in lotus leaf comes with 3 piece. It’s really good and inside you have things like chicken, shitake mushrooms, preserved Chinese sausage, scallions, and dried shrimp.


Custard buns are a treat at the end of the meal. The filling is a sweet yolk filling inside. It’s super hot, so make sure you don’t bite into it right away. Sometimes these sell out, so if you are dining here later in the afternoon, you may be out of luck.

Most of the food was good, but its is slightly more expensive than other Dim Sum restaurants in Vancouver.

We Rate Kirin

Starlight Casino, 350 Gifford Street, Metro Vancouver


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