Kirin: Dim Sum at Starlight Casino

Diana Chan November 26, 2014 Chinese, Dim Sum, New Westminster, Three Beakers


Kirin has another location at Starlight Casino near New Westminster. They have 4 locations in total. They serve dim sum on the weekends before 2pm. It’s a beautiful space and it can get pretty busy around 10:30am. This time, we went around noon on a cold weekend and there were no lines at all.


If there is a line up, you would wait in this waiting area, but it’s quite nice.


The main dining area is very large and they also have a private VIP area for small groups.


You will be asked what type of tea you would like and I usually get a Jasmine or Oolong.


Aloe Vera Jelly came complimentary as they were doing a promotion with Eastern Airlines. I’m not really sure what the connection was, but yeah for free things.


Golden Sand Tofu is one of my favourite dishes. It is soft and silky on the inside with crispy exterior and sprinkled with salty bits on top.


Pan Fried Rice Rolls is quite good but it is an oily dish. The chewiness from the rice rolls and the salty sauce go well together.


Shrimp Dumplings comes with 4 pieces in the bamboo steamer. One of my favourite dishes.


Sticky Rice has 3 pieces in a container. Decent size especially for the morning


Fried Bean Curd Rolls was one of my favourite dishes that we ordered. It was crispy on the outside and filled with savoury ingredients like mushroom.

Overall, Kirin is a good place to have dim sum, but they do lack a few dishes here and there. The quality is good. The Queenborough Landing Outlet is close by, so you should definitely check it out and try to find a good deal.

We Rate Kirin

350 Gifford St
New Westminster BC


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