Kinder Chocolate: Beyond the Egg

Diana Chan July 18, 2014 product


Kinder has more chocolates than just the Kinder Egg Surprises. As a kid, I would always love getting a few Kinder Surprise Eggs and discovering the toy inside. While I was shopping recently, I decided to pick up their original Kinder Chocolate and Kinder Bueno.


 Kinder Bueno is a hazelnut cream filled wafer with a milk chocolate covering. The bar that I got has 2 bars inside. This was originally released in the 1990s in Canada. I remember at first, it seemed like a weird creation, but it’s not too bad. It reminds me of the ferrero rocher with that hazelnut taste.


I like the way the bar is structured, so you can break a piece off and is easily sharable. Sharing is caring.


Kinder Chocolate is a fine milk chocolate with a milky filling. Similar to the Kinder Surprise but just in a different form and no toy.


Similar to the bueno, it has grooves so you can break it apart and share.

There is definitely a lot better chocolate out in the market, but this is just a taste of childhood.


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