KFC Canada: Waffle Double Down Review

Diana Chan March 26, 2018 British Columbia, Fast Food, Uncategorized

KFC Canada has introduced the Waffle Double Down, a creation made of a Belgium waffle, maple aioli sauce, and 2 Big Crunch chicken fillets. It is only available in Canada for a limited time only.

Waffle Double Down

This is a sweet and savoury handheld sandwich. Similar to chicken and waffles but no forks, knives and plates. Not everyone will love the taste, so you gotta know what your tastebuds enjoy. I don’t particularly like mixing sweet and savoury tastes in a meal, but my friend really enjoyed it.

There is a lot of chicken in this sandwich, so we got pretty full from this.


At the particular location I went to in Vancouver, it is $8.99 for the sandwich only.

  • Combo – with fries, and 20oz drink =$9.99
  • Box Meal – with fries, individual side and 20oz drink = $10.99

Price may vary in other locations, but this sandwich definitely isn’t cheap.

History of the Double Down

The Double Down has been pretty popular in Canada since it launched in 2010 made with bacon, cheese, sauce, and the 2 pieces of chicken. Whenever KFC launches a new version of it, people go nuts. Back in 2012, they released the Zinger Double Down exclusive to Canada, which is the original double down, but spicy.

The Waffle Double Down is exclusive for Canada and it is perfectly Canadian with the strong maple taste of the aioli.


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