KFC Korea: Tower Burger and Fried Chicken

Diana Chan January 17, 2014 Fast Food, Incheon

Every time, I have a flight out of Incheon, I have to stop by KFC for a quick snack. 2 years ago when I was here, I discovered that KFC is pretty awesome in Korea. As I was here again, might as well turn it into a tradition. I have my love of fast food and I never give up a chance chowing down on global fast food chains in many countries.

KFC Korea

There’s lots of seats and people tend to eat very quickly and move a long.

KFC Korea

Tower Burger (4,800 won) comes at a whopping 800 calories. This tower is made of fried breast fillet, hashbrowns, lettuce, and cheese. It’s quite large and you will get your fill of carbs.

KFC Korea

2 pieces of fried chicken (2,200 won) and you have the option to have it original or spicy. Of course I had it spicy since I was in Korea.

Just look at how crazy battered that is! It was very crispy on the outside and the meat was very moist. It had the right about of spiciness and oh man, finger lickin’ good!

KFC Korea

I posed with Colonel Sanders because why not? We both have glasses and love fried chicken. It’s true what they say, KFC is better in Asia.

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