KFC in Hong Kong

Diana Chan October 9, 2012 Fast Food, Hong Kong

When I went to KFC in Korea, I loved it so much! I was back in Hong Kong and I was super curious about the KFC here, so I decided to have dinner here with my mom and sister. I know right? How classy.

The menu was slightly different and incorporated more rice items as side dishes.

I have no idea what we ordered but we had a little bit of everything on the menu. I didn’t want to stand in line, so my mom chose what to order.

In the basket we had a mix of waffle fries, spicy and original chicken. The original chicken wasn’t very good. The skin was not crispy and was pretty salty. The spicy chicken on the other hand was really good! Way crispier and juicier too.

The waffle fries were good and crispy.

Mushroom Rice was a side that came with one of the combos. It tasted ok.

Chicken a la King (combo size with meals) tasted ok as well, but you can definitely find better at nearby cafes.

Chicken a la king (Regular size)

Overall, the Hot and Spicy Chicken was the only thing amazing here. The rice dishes were ok, but not great. I would probably only come back for the hot and spicy chicken.


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