KFC Double Down Sandwich

Diana Chan October 19, 2010 Fast Food

M discovered they FINALLY introduced the Double Down Sandwich at KFC Canada. He dragged me there and I was pretty resistant on trying it since it was named one of the top 20 worst fastfood items to eat and I didn’t want to increase my count. I have officially had 6/20 items on that list.

For $6.99, you can get the Double Down Sandwich meal! You get the sandwich, fries and a drink. Bragging right included!

M and I took a bite of the sandwich and felt it was SUPER SALTY! So we thought it was made wrong, so we ask them to remake it. According to the cashiers it was supposed to taste like that, so they didn’t do anything about it. We usually don’t ask people to remake food but it was super super UBER salty. We thought it might have been the coating, so we rip that off…but even the meat was salty.

We thought we were crazy, but according to Sherman and Kim Ho ‘s posts, it is indeed salty!

Re-up BBQ Food Cart commented saying “it isn’t a sandwich if it doesn’t have any bread. They should rename it the “Double Down Diabetes“. I totally agree with him!

Words of Wisdom:

  • Go to Church’s Chicken instead
  • Avoid the Double Down

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  1. WhiteChucks October 19, 2010 at 9:15 pm

    Re-up BBQ Food Cart has no idea what they are talking about. How can a ‘sandwich’ that is mostly protein and fat with no carbohydrates and sugars be linked to Diabetes. If they are trying to be snarky, at least be logical.

    EIther way, the Double Down still “better” than the fake cheese, processed deli meat and refined flour sandwiches that Subway tries to pass as “healthy” to unsuspecting ignorant fast food diners. In fact, Subway sandwiches are the ones that should be given a Diabetes moniker.

    • DesignGirl October 19, 2010 at 11:16 pm

      I thought about it logically too, it may not give you diabetes, but it’s bad for high blood pressure. All the bio from Highschool kicked into my brain.

      It’s probably still wiser just to get chicken strips.

  2. miranda October 19, 2010 at 9:52 pm

    I tried it too, well actually I only had 1/3 and yes, it was incredibly salty. Everything was ridiculously salty, and I felt my throat being sucked of it’s liquid.

    Great words of wisdom.

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