Ketchup Doritos: Review

Diana Chan February 22, 2016 product


Doritos has launched their limited edition Ketchup flavoured Doritos. They come around once in a while, but isn’t part of their permanent line up of Doritos flavours. It’s going to stick around for only 4 months in it’s retro Doritos packaging.


As you may have noticed a week ago, Doritos was giving away bouquets of ketchup Doritos to those in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. They had very small quantities to giveaway and most people weren’t able to get their hands on them.


As I had a bag of the Ketchup Doritos to munch on, it was surprisingly good. You have the taste and texture of the corn tortilla with the addictive ketchup flavouring coating each chip. I really enjoyed it and the next day, I went to Shopper to bag a few more bags.

Here is a coupon for $1 off Ketchup Doritos:

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